It was the beginning of 60s when Domenico Di Berardino and Romola Girasole created their first woman handbag in their small artisan factory. They were a very ambitious and enterprising young couple enthusiast of the local passion for the leather working process and their first creations were in leather, of a fine and accurate handcraft manufacture, made for a kind of woman very attentive to elegance and care in all details. With the same enthusiasm and passion, at the beginning of 80s Diana, Mara and Roberto founded the company that still takes the family name as a guarantee of a tradition in handcrafting that is very common in their local area.

Under their leadership the small artisan factory becomes a modern reality with the mission to offer the client a complete and always updated service to cope with the needs of a continuously evolving market. The Di Berardino Pelletterie is constantly looking for an equilibrium between tradition and innovation never forgetting the essentials of the Made in Italy, that means respect for the human creative work and attention to quality and details.

Specialized in the production of briefcases, women handbag, professional and travel accessory, small leather products for gift and free-time, fashion products, all the products made by Di Berardino Pelletterie are realized with a very high quality craftsmanship so that each product is unique. The style is classical and elegant for a buyer looking for elegance and exclusiveness.

Made in Italy at your fingertips

The main role in the products is played by the leather. All our production is realized with the best top of national bovine leather, vegetal tanned treated with animal grease in respect of traditional artisanal craftsmanship. A soft and elastic leather, warm and natural, to which the time adds an unmistakable value and beauty, is combined with solid brass accessories, solid stitchings and pure cotton fabric for the inside. This is a mix of elements that gives to all our products clear solidity in a variety of models that are classical, traditional but modern at the same time. Our product are made to last in time, so they do not care usage, on the contrary it adds to them personal imprinting and character.

The choice among a large variety of models, always increasing with new proposal, can meet every needs for the promotion and company gifts. Under request we can satisfy all the client needs, from style, prototyping and production according to his technical request and budget.

Not all the models of our production are on the web-site. You can contact us for any further information, the complete catalogue or a quotation.